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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ladies and gentlemen...

announcing the new and improved

Monday, October 16, 2006

'hobo frisbee' or 'where's my michael?'

no that's not lindsey lohan and paris hilton on the way to the grocery store. its casual ultimate on the way to fall league saturday morning. with a tennis skirt, leggings, and carlo's sweatshirt, and ea's cu hat, prada sunglasses, and valour pants respectively, we set out for chilly fall ultimate. we had a devastating loss to rob and his syndicate but played some very casual ultimate and won our second game of the morning. ms. ulty cheered the public news team on our pledge drive with a cry of 'next d gets a canvas tote bag.' even though miss casual broke every fingernail she had it was lots of fun and rick buying us hot chocolate capped off the afternoon just right.

friday night was spent at happy hour with cbr, pfil, bjorn, and 'where's my michael' denardis. we were exchanging parent stories when mike d. made the mistake of telling us about a time when his mom smoked pot with his brother, got paranoid about the baby of the family being in trouble, and ran into a screen door yelling 'where's my micheal?' and we know where he was friday. he was putting hanson on the jukebox at the chipp inn.

the diverse (read: creepy) crowd loved our punishing 80's string of song selections, from mariah carey to hanson to n'sync. who knew bjorn could sing all the words to an n'sync song? cu is considering forming a boy band which we could manage and now we have a lead vocalist. here's our future star with lucas in his halloween costume at treem and aaron's. notice the remarkable hair style similarity.

what could end such a blissful weekend? the ambrosia of brisket at RWIP last night. ea was in attendance which is always a special added bonus and he brought us some rubber lance type cu bracelets. youll have to work for them, but maybe theyll get you a pass to skip in line for the wave pool at great wolf this year. bryan's cooking was magic and another in a series of marriage proposals from miss casual almost followed the revelation that there was indeed cookie dough in the brownies somehow.

Friday, October 13, 2006

oooh girl i know he didnt....

last night all the usual casual suspects converged on our favorite pizza pit to celebrate sally's birthday. of course tbr and monica are out somewhere fending off bears and hypothermia in the wilderness and ay is jetsetting but the rest of us showed up to toast the new lawyer who is another year older and wiser. next year we are going to have to plan better and have a big libra birthday party since miss casual is getting older (although wiser is still a question mark) next week too.

after gossiping about nationals and who's staying in the best party house ('outdoor kitchen and 'hottub overflowing into swimming pool' had a throwdown...i think hottub won) the casual ladies and the birthday girl made a weak attempt at getting bk to cook us dinner sunday night. 'hey bryan, what are you doing sunday?' 'i dont know, why?' (he knows us too well....) 'wanna cook us dinner and watch v for vendetta?' 'no'. ms ultimate offered to make a dish for dinner and bring it up to the RWIP house when bk lashed back. 'i dont need my dinner watered down with pedestrian fare.' giiirrrrl... ms. ultimate was all up in his grill before you could say 'girl i know he aint call you pedestrian...'

i have a picture of the throwdown and the birthday girl but they are on my camera at home. ill throw em up tonight. but not til after happy hour which you should all attend. tonight 6ish roll out to the chipp in with casual ultimate. everyones invited. if cho doesn't come out were going to cry. we promise. tomorrow is rumble in the jungle with the public news team and the dreaded syndicate. well keep you posted on the carnage. happy friday.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

'casual ultimate madlibs' or 'lets stay entertained at work today'

this will be way more fun if you guys post comments to fill in the some of the blanks. so here goes.

yesterday miss causal and ms. utlimate hightailed it out of work and then _______. it had been a ________ day. once the cu ladies were back in wicker park we ________ before we ran into cho and bk. we all got dinner and cho turned to the girl next to him and said _________. he didnt realize it was roadhouse. the cu ladies were all giggles when pfil and bg showed up and said 'cu is so _________.' of course the BRs were no far behind. tbr had bought a new ________ and cbr was obvioulsy uncomfortable with the ________. after more _________ and ice cream after that, we all biked up to _________. who knew that wed meet ferrari and akira? a spontaneous game of ________ ensued and we played until it was time for _________ . quite a fun night in the __________ of the casual ultimate universe.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

happy hour is back

we know you all missed the CRAFT club and since we have so many reasons to celebrate this week we are bringing it back at the chipp inn friday afterwork. the post happy hour after hours late night post party will be hosted by treem and aaron who you might remember from such posts as 'miss casual gets assaulted times deux' and 'que buena! mas mojitos!'

last night with the afterglow of a nationals bid in her eyes, ms. ulty came by and we went out with treem and aaron to toast mr. briefcase and the rest of chicago ultimate. we realized that chipp inn, which is located at the corner of happiness and awesometown, was the perfect spot for happy hour, with its schizophrenic jukebox, golden tee, and cheap beer. if you go to google maps and cant find this intersection, try heading up honorary harriett levitt de la rosa blvd. then when you see the wobbly senior citizen crossing sign you're there. and in the immortal words of fitty cent, you can find us in the club. or in this case the chipp inn. friday. 530-6 ish. be there or... we'll be talking about you. or something.

also we are actively looking for a logo for casual ultimate. and by 'actively looking' i mean 'pestering tbrizzle every other day or so with some kind of guilt ridden email'. but hey our other casual brothers and sisters may have mad graphic skillz so if you have an idea holler... or 'jauler'. it might be a soft j.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sarasota, meet Chicago

If you know anyone who has to fly out of Chicago to southern Florida on the evening of the 25th, you should call right now and tell them to book tickets, because all flights are about to be overtaken by hot ultimate players. Unless....are there enough to make a chartered plane worthwhile?

Chicago rocked Regionals this weekend, with Nemesis coming in first in the women’s division, Briefcase coming in second in mixed and Machine taking the third bid for the gents; Real Huck, the Masters team, won their game to go. From Saturday morning domination in bracket play to the last catch of the day landing in Ferrari’s hands in the Machine endzone, Chi-town/the‘ville represented for our visitors.

As far as final standings, Nemesis beat Bait to clinch the championship. Mojo came in second. Briefcase played an intense but high-spirited game with with Flaming Moe for second place, owing to the fact that both teams were guaranteed bids and were playing for seed. CLX won the mixed division, but turned down the bid due to the fact that they’ll be representing Midwest ultimate to the world and throwing some shrimp on the barby in Australia later this fall; thus, Briefcase ends up the #1 seed coming out of the region. Carleton alums, aka ¡Salsa Police!, finished fourth and got bumped up to take the third bid. Machine beat Madison for their bid. Sub Zero took first in the open division, and Big Ass Truck took second. Real Huck beat Chico's Bail Bonds in the game to go; Twin Cities'Surly came in first.

It was perfect out for ultimate, not windy but just enough to keep things interesting, and the bluest skies for this weekend in recent memory. Briefcase will be seeing several 2005 season alums down in Florida: Brass Monkey won the Northwest, and we’re hoping Chuck will be in playing form by the end of the month. Justin and Carrie qualified with Puppet Regime, which came in second to Slow White in the Northeast. And, of course, Sals with Nemesis.

So, does anyone know what other co-ed teams might be skipping Nationals for Worlds? And does this mean that rightful 2006 mixed division title will be won down under rather than just down south? Rumor had it that Bad Larry would be foregoing their Nationals bid too, but they’re listed among the 16 on the Championship site.

Don’t put the sunglasses away for the summer, because you’re going to need them in a few weeks.

Friday, October 06, 2006

briefcase baby's first public appearance